Tonight I’m cracking open a record or 2 from artists that have been through the Direct-To-Vinyl programs at the label. Occasionally artists bring a copy of their studio records to their recording session for us to have. I’ve fallen in love with bands that I didn’t know at all, and only discovered because they were kind enough to gift the label one of their precious LPs. So I’m always eager and excited when there’s a new one to check out.⁣

Anyway, why am I saying all this? Well, mostly I’m rambling b/c I’m tired. But also, some of these artists are just so good, they are deserving of your attention too. Yes you, the vinyl enthusiast that spends a higher percentage of your paycheck on records than you’d like to admit.⁣

So I’d like to find a way to share them with you, if you’re open to discovering new music. This little idea probably won’t be good for ‘likes’ since I’ll post photos of covers you’ve never seen before rather than Beyoncé’s latest release. But I don’t care. I hope you’ll give these wonderful artists a moment of your time. After all, for music lovers, there’s little sweeter than discovering something new. Am I right?⁣