Evolfo // Site Out Of Mind

Evolfo // Site Out Of Mind

I never listen to music on Spotify.  If you took a look at my history you’d find almost exclusively, music/political podcasts along with Peppa Pig, Mickey Mouse, and whatever else my 2 year old daughter wants to hear on her rides to school.

One recent Saturday morning though, on a whim, I clicked into a Psych Rock playlist.  And amidst a sea of Tame, Gizzard, Pink Floyd, Hendrix, and other low hanging fruit, I came across a cut from Site Out Of Mind, the latest from a Brooklyn band called Evolfo.

And I fell in love.

Evolfo have all the hallmarks of a factory-standard psych rock band - vocals (and everything else, really) washed in spring verb, tape delays used as an instrument, and so on.  To me, Site Out of Mind is somewhat Gizzard-like in that it’s immaculately produced; packed with texture, dynamics and sonic complexity. But it all still manages to keep the slightest tinge of lo-fi sensibility.

But the songs are good too.  As a psych rock enthusiast, I submit that the recorded sounds are every bit as important as the song itself.  And for Evolfo, they’ve managed to give us both great songs and an inspiring sonic experience.

Buy the record from the band’s Bandcamp Page.

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