Backspacer (for Target Threshold)

Backspacer (for Target Threshold)

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Backspacers for Target Threshold cubes are now available!

The Standard: Brings your LPs flush with the front of your shelves.
The Skinny: A thinner backspacer that leaves 1" between the front of your shelves and the spine of your LPs for your LED lighting systems.  This ledge is also the perfect space to photograph your latest pull.

Sold Individually.  Just choose how many you need based on how many cubes you have.

Check out our customer's photos of their Backspacers in action here!


  1. Remove the protective film from the front & back of each Backspacer.
  2. Afix Backspacers at the bottom/back of each cube using the included double-sided adhesive squares.
  3. Slide your records in front, and they'll be flush with the front of of your shelves.  Beautiful!