Hey there!  Name's Aaron.

I'm the founder of a niche label in NYC called  Leesta Vall Sound Recordings.  The label has several unique and ongoing vinyl-related initiatives, and was founded on the back of it's Direct-to-Vinyl Live Sessions project, which are live performances at our studio cut directly to 7” lathe cut vinyl records.  Pretty cool.  I also own Blanq Records, a manufacturing service that provides, you guessed it, blank records to lathe cut operators around the globe.

Turntable Revival, a vinyl collector’s accessories brand, was founded in late 2020 during the height of the pandemic.  Catapaulted by a product called The Backspacer - an accessory that has become ubiquitous with cube shelving storage - we eventually introduced a handful of other products to thier line, and in the Winter of 2022 entered into a new category - used vinyl records.

With this initiative, we’re aiming to occupy a previously vacant space in the online marketplace with the majority of our catalog being $5 or less.  Over 60% of inventory is comprised of titles collectors might not seek out specifically online, but might grab from the $5 bin at your local brick-and-mortar record shop.  This bargain bin ajanceny combined with free shipping on orders over $30 is a win/win for record collectors everywhere. 

Thanks for taking a look around!


Aaron Zimmer