Hey there!  Name's Aaron.

I'm the founder of a niche label in NYC called  Leesta Vall Sound Recordings.  The label has several unique and ongoing vinyl-related initiatives, and was founded on the back of it's Direct-to-Vinyl Live Sessions project, which are live performances at our studio cut directly to 7” lathe cut vinyl records.  Pretty cool.  I also own Blanq Records, a manufacturing service that provides, you guessed it, blank records to lathe cut operators around the globe.

Turntable Revival is a simple little passion project; an outlet for me to work with vintage audio equipment that I admire, while creating something functional and beautiful for vinyl enthusiasts to play those records we all love so much.  These rebuilds include restoring, repairing and replacing all of the electrical and functional components of these vintage turntables so that they perform as well as or better than they did when they were new.  It also includes restoration of the finish, keeping an eye on the original design and beauty, with maybe a touch of modern flair.

Thanks for taking a look around!


Aaron Zimmer